The easiest way to build credit

Credit Builder is a newer, smarter way for Dave members to build credit without any extra steps or hassle. It’s simple: Just take an ExtraCash™ advance and settle it on time as you normally would.

The best part? For a limited time, Credit Builder's on us for your first 3 months.1 Learn about ExtraCash™


How Credit Builder works


Sign up

Enroll in Credit Builder through your ExtraCash™ account.



Pay back ExtraCash™ advances on time.



Dave reports your settlements each month.2

Why your credit matters

Your credit history is a record of your loans and lines of credit and your ability to pay those back. Adding and using lines of credit by borrowing money and paying it back on time is a key part of building your credit history—as well as your overall financial health. Unlocking your credit potential now can open countless doors in the future. It could help you finance a car or home, get better interest rates, upgrade your credit card, and more.3


How we can help

We’re the first banking app to bring credit building to ExtraCash™ advances. Now every time you pay back an ExtraCash™ advance on time, you can build credit. We turned this simple action into one that can have a positive, long-term impact on your credit journey. No guesswork. Just growth. 💪


Simple down to the details

Building credit shouldn’t be hard—so we removed the typical hurdles.


No upfront costs

Unlike other credit building services, we don’t require you to lock away money and pay it back over time.


No credit check

We don’t do soft pulls or hard checks. Why? Because Credit Builder is designed to meet you wherever you are on your credit journey.


No extra steps

You don’t have to set up direct deposit with Dave or manage your own credit score.4 Just settle your ExtraCash™ advance and we’ll handle the rest.

Kickstart your credit journey

Begin building credit today without a credit check or upfront costs.